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Newsletter 1-2016

The newsletter for Zooloretto, Mondo and my other games got distributed for many years by mail. Nowadays the procedure makes a lot of technical problems and i have to continue the service here. So, if you want to keep access to the news you can visit my Newsblog here or follow me at Twitter (@michael_schacht).


This time only a very short newsletter as we are moving at the moment.

New releases to come

  • London Markets
    Started successfully the end of 2015 as Crowd Funding project the boardgame now gets released at the toy fair.
    A detailed video can be found at Youtube.
    Queen Games, 3-4 players, 10+ years, 60 minutes, more Infos
  • Zappes
    The first print-run of the card game about the famous beer from Cologne was sold quickly.
    Will be available again around the fair.
    DuMont-Schauberg, 3-6 players, 20 minutes,  more Infos
  • Zooloretto Junior
    Simplyfied gameplay with different animals and special rules.
    Abacusspiele, 2-5 players, 7+ years, 30 minutes, more Infos
  • Zooloretto Würfelspiel “S”
    Available as part of the Abacusspiele catalogue edition.
    Abacusspielemore Infos
  • In preparation is also a new card game for White Goblin Games.



Africana: Buch der Abenteuer / Book of Adventures

Es ist wieder da: Mit der eigenständigen Nürnberg-Neuheit Africana kehrt der originelle Spielmechanismus “Das Buch der Abenteuer” zurück, das bereits aus Valdora bekannt ist. Hier wird wie in einem Buch geblättert, auf der Suche nach den passenden Karten.

Just returned: the new stand-alone Africana features the unique Book of Adventures game system from Valdora in which players can acquire cards that are laid out like books, with players “turning the pages” to find the adventure cards they most want.

Newsletter 2/2010

Die neue Ausgabe des Newsletter ist unterwegs.
Diesmal gibt es u. a. Infos zu den Neuheiten der Nürnberger Spielwarenmesse.

The latest edition of the bi-lingual newsletter is on its way.
This time among other things with several infos concerning the new games at the Nürnberg Toy fair.

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