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London Markets arrived!

Just arrived at home: my personal copies of “London Markets”. And i can say, it looks great!
It has been released before at the same publisher as “Dschunke” but got a very strong refresh (not only thematicaly).
Now the right timing gets very important for the contracts and the game is very well balanced with all numbers of players.
I’m looking forward on the response and i will take it to the Oberhof game event for the very first matches.

London Markets London Markets

More infos at the site of the publisher. A detailed video can be seen at Youtube.


Newsletter 1-2016

The newsletter for Zooloretto, Mondo and my other games got distributed for many years by mail. Nowadays the procedure makes a lot of technical problems and i have to continue the service here. So, if you want to keep access to the news you can visit my Newsblog here or follow me at Twitter (@michael_schacht).


This time only a very short newsletter as we are moving at the moment.

New releases to come

  • London Markets
    Started successfully the end of 2015 as Crowd Funding project the boardgame now gets released at the toy fair.
    A detailed video can be found at Youtube.
    Queen Games, 3-4 players, 10+ years, 60 minutes, more Infos
  • Zappes
    The first print-run of the card game about the famous beer from Cologne was sold quickly.
    Will be available again around the fair.
    DuMont-Schauberg, 3-6 players, 20 minutes,  more Infos
  • Zooloretto Junior
    Simplyfied gameplay with different animals and special rules.
    Abacusspiele, 2-5 players, 7+ years, 30 minutes, more Infos
  • Zooloretto Würfelspiel “S”
    Available as part of the Abacusspiele catalogue edition.
    Abacusspielemore Infos
  • In preparation is also a new card game for White Goblin Games.


London Markets

london markets

  At the Nueremberg Toy Fair by Queen Games announced: London Markets. May come in autumn.

 Auf der Nürnberger Spielwarenmesse bei Queen Games angekündigt: London Markets. Kommt vielleicht im Herbst.

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