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The new Mondo arrived!


Yesterday my designers’s copies of the new Mondo arrivedNo, that’s not the boardgame again but the new little brother under the same name. With modified rules and just 48 landscape tile you can already create the Mondo gaming experience. And if you already have the basic game you can combine both. It will distributed in Germany by Pegasus Spiele, in Scandinavia by and in Italy by DV Giochi.

Find more infos about Mondo here.


Awards: Mondo auch in Dänemark nominiert / Mondo also nominated in Denmark

Heute geht es Schlag auf Schlag: Auch in Dänemark ist Mondo in der Kategorie Familienspiel für den dortigen Spielepreis Guldbrikken 2011 nominiert 🙂
Quelle: Guldbrikken

A big day for Mondo: Also in Denmark the game is nominated for the game award Guldbrikken 2011 in the family category 🙂
Source: Guldbrikken

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