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Leadaward for „Zählen & Zanken“

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The newspaper „Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger“ from Cologne has won a special price at the Leadawards for the card game „Zählen & Zanken“.
The jury was impressed at first by the illustrations by Nadine Magner.

Find more infos about Zählen & Zanken.


Newsletter September 2015

The newsletter for Zooloretto, Mondo and my other games got distributed for many years by mail. Nowadays the procedure makes a lot of technical problems and i have to continue the service here. So, if you want to keep access to the news you can visit my Newsblog here or follow me at Twitter (@michael_schacht).


Hellweg with surprise

After the good recognition of the last years’ campaign we will run it again: At the booth of „Spielbar“ (Hall 2-A100) the buyers of „Hellweg westfalicus“ will get additionally the brandnew (!) and exclusive mini expansion „Marktflecken“ as well as a surprise package, as long as the stock lasts. Tip: if you already have the basic game then bring your rule booklet, show it and you will receive the expansion anyway. More Infos

spieletageNew releases to come

The “Internationalen Spieltage” (game fair) in Essen/Germany is close, so it makes sense now to talk about the new releases.

  • Brettspiel Adventskalender 2015 – incl. new Zooloretto Expansion
    This Boardgame Advent Calendar offers expansions for sseveral games, including an exclusive one for „Zooloretto“.
    Frosted Games, 2-5 players, 8+ years, more Infos
  • Hellweg westfalicus – Marktflecken
    A new free exclusive expansion for all buyers of the game at the booth of the „Spielbar“ at Essen fair (as long as the stock lasts).
    Spiele aus Timbuktu, Hall 2-A100, 2-4 players, 10+ years, 30-60 minutes,  more Infos
  • Mondo – der rasante Legespass
    No, that’s not the boardgame again but the new little brother under the same name. With modified rules and just 64 landscape tile you can already create the „Mondo“ gaming experience. And of you already have the basic game you can combine both. With a little delay the starter version of the game is now available!
    Pegasus Spiele, 2-4 players, 8+ years, more Infos
  • Mogul
    Another small delay finally made the game to a new release at Essen fair. I have already personal copies and can say that the final product is nice.
    „Mogul“ is a strongly reworked rerelease of the same-titled cardgame, now as „real“ boardgame.
    Riogrande Games, 3-5 players, 13+ yearsmore Infos (Video)
  • Socke Rabe – das große Rennen
    The game for the second „Socke Rabe“ movie „das große Rennen“.
    Amigo Spiele, 2-5 players, 5+ years, 20 minutesmore Infos (Video)
  • Zooloretto Surprise
    Another new mini expansion for „Zooloretto“. Details are still a secret.
    Abacusspiele, Hall 3-E108, more Infos
  • Zooloretto Dice Game – Baby Boom
    The new and different scorepad for the „Zooloretto Dice Game“ offers new challenges and with that a surprising different game play. You can get it at the fair in Essem at the booth of Abacusspiele, as well as replenishment scorepads of the basic game.
    Abacusspiele, Hall 3-E108, more Infos
  • In preparation is also a new card game for the newspaper “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” that might come in november 2015.

New mini expansion for Zooloretto
Again this year there might be at Essen fair a free new surprise for „Zooloretto“ at the booth of Abacusspiele (Hall 3-E108). As long as the stock lasts. Comment: this will be something different than what is included in the „Brettspiel Kalender 2015“, more Infos


Dortmund as Download
As a little teaser to the new mini expansion „Marktflecken“ the free Download „Dortmund“ for „Hellweg Westfalicus“ is now available for Download, more Infos

Persons from the game scene

Who designs the games? Who discovers and refines the ideas for the publishers? And who plays them? Colleagues and friends from the gameworld, in short portraits: this time with Simone Luciani and Richard Ham, more Infos

Mogul Video Review

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New video review at the Dice Tower by Tom Vasel of Mogul.
And the latest info concerning the missing 5 player set up card:
this will be added to the first production run games.

Find more infos about Mogul here.

The new Mondo arrived!


Yesterday my designers’s copies of the new Mondo arrivedNo, that’s not the boardgame again but the new little brother under the same name. With modified rules and just 48 landscape tile you can already create the Mondo gaming experience. And if you already have the basic game you can combine both. It will distributed in Germany by Pegasus Spiele, in Scandinavia by and in Italy by DV Giochi.

Find more infos about Mondo here.

Kickstarter: London Markets

London Markets

6 Days left to crowdfund London Markets at Kickstarter.
There are interesting bundles and a detailed video presents the project.

Find more infos about London Markets here.

Mogul @ Origins

mogul-(3);X Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-09 um 21.58.19

At the Origins Game Fair in Columbus/Ohio the game Mogul got presented officially by Rio Grande Games. So, it should be available in the US soon. In Germany the game will come from Pegasus, that will distribute the german edition.

Find more infos about Mogul here.

Chef Alfredo selected again!

chef-alfredo1 ludo

Graf Ludo 2015: the selection list in the category „Best Children Game Graphics“ for this years’ Graf Ludo award is now published.
An it includes Chef Alfredo :-). Congratulations to the artist Oliver Schlemmer!
The main price will be awarded at the fair modell-hobby-spiel in october.

Find more infos about Chef Alfredo here.

Chef Alfredo @ Spiel des Jahres


Just an hour ago the selection lists of the Spiel des Jahres e. V. went online.
We are happy about a place for Chef Alfredo on the recommendation list!
And… congratulations to the colleagues for their rewarded games.

Find more infos about Chef Alfredo here.

New Chef Alfredo Videos

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-10 um 11.13.47

Benjamin Törck postet a video at, with a very euphoric conclusion.
New also is the Unboxing by Spielfritte at Youtube.
Already mentioned before was the funny video at TricTrac TV.
Besides the review at Pöppelkiste there is now a detailed one by Stefano Negro at the blog Giochi sul nostro tavolo.
My italian is not good enough to understand all but Stefano say that they had a lot of fun during the test and
therefore the conclusion is very positive.
As my older children games had no feedback in the internet and the print media at all,
i am now very impressed by the strong resonance about Chef Alfredo since its release :-).

New pad for the Dice Game


From the actual development of new scoring pads for the Zooloretto Dice Game now one beforehand for download.

Find the download here.

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