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And the winner is…

For the dutch edition of Blindes Huhn extrem the publisher White Goblin Games has made a name contest. Now the winner got published. It is “Kippig”.


A detailed video about “Kippig” can be found at Youtube.

Nürnberg 2017: three new game

Three new games have been released at the game toy fair in Nürnberg:
As big game Tip Tap by Queen Games as well the two new card games Das Vermächtnis des Maharaja and Blindes Huhn extrem by Abacusspiele (Timbu), which are already in the warehouse. The last is a strongly reworked edition of the classic card game. New beside other changes are the pigs, they offer additional tactical options.


More infos at my website.

Merry Christmas!


The year comes to an end. So, it’s time to say thank you for your interest with a little christmas card. For those who haven’t already found the christmas tree in my office on the start part the link can also be found here.

Chef Alfredo


Nürnberger Spielwarenmesse Part 4: Again a game that got announced several times over a longer period of time. The children game that was named at first Suppenkasper will be released now under the more international name Chef Alfredo by Queen Games (distribution: Asmodee).

Find more infos about Chef Alfredo here.

Mogul comes!


Nürnberger Spielwarenmesse Part 2: The card game Mogul got released the first time in 2002 by Spiele aus Timbuktu and received a lot of attention. Therefore the game got quickly under contract at Riogrande Games. Nevertheless it took over 10 years until the rerelease at Pegasus Spiele, now as enhanced boardgame.

Find more Infos about Mogul here.

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