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Mogul Video Review

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New video review at the Dice Tower by Tom Vasel of Mogul.
And the latest info concerning the missing 5 player set up card:
this will be added to the first production run games.

Find more infos about Mogul here.


New Chef Alfredo Videos

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Benjamin Törck postet a video at, with a very euphoric conclusion.
New also is the Unboxing by Spielfritte at Youtube.
Already mentioned before was the funny video at TricTrac TV.
Besides the review at Pöppelkiste there is now a detailed one by Stefano Negro at the blog Giochi sul nostro tavolo.
My italian is not good enough to understand all but Stefano say that they had a lot of fun during the test and
therefore the conclusion is very positive.
As my older children games had no feedback in the internet and the print media at all,
i am now very impressed by the strong resonance about Chef Alfredo since its release :-).

Chef Alfredo @ TricTrac

Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-22 um 13.45.55

TricTrac TV presents now a Video of Chef Alfredo.
Monsieur Phal has no chance to win against Monsieur Guillaume and Docteur Mops but no that’s surprise, he always forgets to take his Chef Alfredo chip …

Find more infos about Chef Alfredo here.

Scotland Yard Master


Scotland Yard Master (Ravensburger) is now available (in Germany) and some info materials are also online:

Find a video here (in german).
Find the german rule booklet here.

Update: Magazines

Drei neue Einträge in der Rubrik Magazine: Plato, Ludika und Zooloretto News #4.

Three new entries in the Magazines section: Plato, Ludika and Zooloretto News #4.

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