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In Limbo Tournament


Chris, the winner of the In Limbo tournament at Craving for a Game in Surrey, British Columbia with the obligatory Limbo dance. The best wishes for the win and for a good physiotherapist ;-). Congratulations also for the organiser Nathan Larsen.

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An evening of gaming


Another nice friday evening of gaming in Frankfurt’s Luther with the games Abluxxen, Beasty Bar, Madame Ching, Splendor and a Prototyp on the table.

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Merry Christmas!

christmas_sale1 Cover_Metric_System_Vitamin_C

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This time Santa brings a new card for Hellweg westfalicus. It can be found on the start screen of my website (just click on the christmas tree). For christmas you need – of course – the appropriate contemplative music, therefore you can find here a new and free Download of my music projects Metric System from the eightes. A free edited stream can be found here on bandcamp (just press play).

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An evening of gaming


Another nice friday evening of gaming in Frankfurt’s Luther with the games Abluxxen, Augustus, Parade, The Hare and the Tortoise, Valley of the Kings, Village and Yunnan on the table.

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Internationale Spieltage Essen 2014


Our big fair highlight was this time the appearance of the blog Spielen geht immer. It was the longtime dream of an own booth that Dani and Thomas Reh have been able to realize this time. There shouldn’t be sold anything, mainly the new releases should be played directly on spot.

They decided to forbear to do the usual preparations like studying the new games list and reading the rule booklets in advance. Unfiltered impressions should have the priority as well as good discussions or just the offer of a releaxed meeting point for friends, blog readers and other interested gamers.

Each day took place a raffle of games (see picture) and lots of beverages and sweets got distributed. The feedback was immense and a repetition of the event is anounced – maybe not directly next year, but sometime. We’re looking forward!

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Raffle and game evening with the designer


Again at the booth of the Spielbar (Hall 1F-103) will happen a big raffle, where everyone can take part. You can win several game prizes, original prototypes and as main prize a visit by me at the home of the winner for a together game evening (Germany only).

Reservations for Hellweg westfalicus


In the meantime there were several requests for reservation/pre-order of Hellweg westfalicus. After the consultation of the Spielbar i can say, that it is possible. Simply write to spielinn<at> and if you also want to have the exclusive mini expansion and the surprise pack (both for free with purchase, as long as the stock lasts) please mention it in the mail. The game can be picked up then at the Internationale Spieltage in Essen at the booth of the Spielbar (Halle 1F-103) .

New Zooloretto Mini Expansion in Essen


The Spielekreis Darmstadt club releases a set of mini expansions for the 5 popular games ZoolorettoCarcassonne, Siedler von Catan, Hugo das Schlossgespenst and Village. Planned originally only for the event Darmstadt spielt will these now be available as well at the Internationalen Spieltage in Essen fair at the booth of Spielerei (Hall 3 B-100). There were discussions to make them available at the booth of Hans im Glück, but that seems canceled.

Find more about Zooloretto here.

Playing with the designer in Essen


If you want to play Hellweg westfalicus with me,
you can do this at Essen fair at one of the four possible dates:
friday 11:00 and 13:30; saturday 11:00 and 13:30 at the booth of the „Spielbar“ (Hall 1F-103).
Advance reservation please to post-timbuktu[at]

Hellweg westfalicus


„Spiele aus Timbuktu“ is back again!
Since 25 years i design games. The anniversary year is a good opportunity for a big celebration. That started in february with the anniversary game HAN.
At the „Internationalen Spieltage“ fair in Essen will be now published „Hellweg westfalicus“ which celebrates a second anniversary as well: 15 years of Spiele aus Timbuktu.
This small publishing project roriginally offered games to tinker. Over the time a collectors box, expansions and „real“ produced boardgames as special editons competed the portfolio.

With Hellweg westfalicus now gets a special edition released that is a moderate economic game for 2 to 4 players from 10 years on. The Westphalian Hellweg is a more than 5000 year-old road between Duisburg and Paderborn and was up to the Middle Ages of great importance for trading.
From the box: „Buy goods at low prices and sell them for maximum profit! On offer are salt, beer and ironware. If you wait too long, you might get a good purchasing price but only for what is still left. You can create trade routes with the help of coaches and thus supply distant towns. The player who owns the most money after 12 rounds wins the game.“


Already part of the game is the expansion module Warehouse and Privilegies for experts.
At the fair in Essen Hellweg westfalicus can be found at the booth of the „Spielbar“ (Halle 1F 103) for the anniversary price of 25 €.

Exclusive expansion, surprise packs and playing with the designer
All buyers of Hellweg westfalicus will get at the booth of the „Spielbar“ (hall 1F 103) additonally an exclusive mini expansion and a surprise pack, as long as the stock lasts.
More events at the booth are planned, for example „playing with the designer“ and a big raffle with a lot of prizes, where everyone can take part. The main prize is a visit by Michael Schacht at the home of the winner for a together game evening (Germany only).
The exact schedule of the events will be communicated later.

Find more about Hellweg westfalicus here.

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