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Thrilling… Spirits of the Forest: Kickstarter Campaign just has started


Thundergryph Games just has started today the Kickstarter Campaign. Founded after two hours, it is thrilling for me as designer which stretch goals will be unlocked (some are already) and thus which of my ideas will come into life.
Personally i like very much the trailer. So, if you visit the Kickstarter page of Spirits of the Forest it is the topmost video.

Jump to the Kickstarter Campaign of Spirits of the Forest here.


Just arrived: Goal-Duel

SO_MBS TorDuell_D_234424_2017_RZ

Just have received my copies of Tor-Duell. The international releases will be named Goal-Duel and Futbol.

Find more about Goal-Duel here.

Tournament: Spirits of the Forest


On January 5th at 21:00 CET we will host the first online tournament for Spirits of the Forest at Tabletopia. Players can join the voice chat and we will arrange the matches with direct elimination.
The final will be LIVE video streaming on Kickstarter and this is the first time ever a publisher does a tournament while the game is in pre-order.
On December 15th at 21:00 CET there will be a Learn & Play event. Players can join a voice chat called Discord, and team members of the publisher Thundergryph Games will explain the game to people.

Find more about Spirits of the Forest here.

Lucky Sock Dip Active Kids


The sock monsters have muddled everything up again! This time they‘ve taken aim at the socks in the laundry baskets. They want to make a big mess: red with blue, yellow with green, and dirty socks add an extra level of chaos! Which sock monster will manage to be the first to throw their many-colored socks into the laundry basket? Watch out, there are still a couple of rules for the wild sock monsters..

Find more about Lucky Sock Dip Active Kids here.

3rd place for Maharaja

Mahataja BDKJ

Maharaja has made a 3rd place at the BDKJ Kinderspieletest!

Find more about Maharaja here.

Zooloretto goes online

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-08 um 10.30.59

For the 10 years anniversary of Zooloretto the game is now available at the onlinegames section of this website. As most of the titles there it is turned based, with a focus on a good interface.

If you prefer playing solo you can try on the same site Coloretto or Mondo and Lucky Numbers in exklusive variants against the computer.

Zooloretto is available from now on for free and without advertising at

Find more about Zooloretto online here.

And the winner is…

For the dutch edition of Blindes Huhn extrem the publisher White Goblin Games has made a name contest. Now the winner got published. It is “Kippig”.


A detailed video about “Kippig” can be found at Youtube.

Nürnberg 2017: three new game

Three new games have been released at the game toy fair in Nürnberg:
As big game Tip Tap by Queen Games as well the two new card games Das Vermächtnis des Maharaja and Blindes Huhn extrem by Abacusspiele (Timbu), which are already in the warehouse. The last is a strongly reworked edition of the classic card game. New beside other changes are the pigs, they offer additional tactical options.


More infos at my website.

Merry Christmas!


The year comes to an end. So, it’s time to say thank you for your interest with a little christmas card. For those who haven’t already found the christmas tree in my office on the start part the link can also be found here.

Newsletter October 2016

The newsletter for Zooloretto, Mondo and my other games got distributed for many years by mail. Nowadays the procedure makes a lot of technical problems and i have to continue the service here. So, if you want to keep access to the news you can visit my Newsblog here or follow me at Twitter (@michael_schacht).

to-the-coop1 F_27_DE_MS
zoolo1 templarii1

New games autumn

  • Boardgame calendar incl. Zooloretto Expansion
    This years’ Boardgame Advent Calendar offers expansions for several games, including a new one for „Zooloretto“. 
    Frosted Games, more infos
  • Hellweg – Double Income
    After the good recognition of the last years’ campaign we will run it again: At the booth of „Spielbar“ (Hall 2-A100) the buyers of „Hellweg westfalicus“ will get additionally the brandnew (!) and exclusive mini expansion „Double Income“, as long as the stock lasts.
    Tip: if you already have the basic game then bring your rule booklet (or a photo), show it and you will receive the expansion anyway.
    Spiele aus Timbuktu,  more infos
  • Templarii
    The french puplisher “Igiari” is now working on the artwork of the new game “Templarii”. Soon more infos.
    Igiari/Gigamic, more infos
  • To the Coop!
    The american publisher “Simply Fun” just has presented the big kids game “To the Coop”. Flick your rooster at the right angle and speed and send a chick sliding back to their coop. The first player to return four chicks to their matching color coop wins the game.
    Simply Fun, 2-4 Spieler, more infos
  • Zooloretto Surprise
    Pick up the actual mini expansion at the booth of Abacusspiele. As long the supply lasts.
    Abacusspiele,  more infos
  • Another new card game with fantastic graphics is in preparation that will be released in the US quite soon.
    I’m looking forward …

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